Online Tutorials Page 2017-2018

Please read over this entire page first to get a quick overview of the necessary information, then go back through and follow the links to other pages that interest you:

1. 2017-2018 Courses Offered - Times, Days, Descriptions
2. How the Tutorials are Conducted

3. 2017-2018 Yearly Calendar

4. Fees
5. Registration
6. Other Necessary Information

1. Courses offered for 2017-2018: Descriptions, Dates, Times (all times listed are Pacific Time)

Click the course names in the chart below to read descriptions of the classes.

Contact Schola to verify space availability if you are interested in a course.

The Great Books courses (1, 2, and 3) in the chart below have links to Roman Roads Media; there you register and purchase the curriculum, all in one package. Everything you need - all texts and materials for those classes - are included in the packages. You do not register with us using the link below. Once you've purchased your registration and curriculum package at Roman Roads, you're all set. You will hear from Schola by mid-June (at the latest) with further information (and you're always welcome to contact us if you wish).

All other classes (Great Books 4, GB for Adults, Lewis, Rhetoric, Astronomy) must register using the registration link below, and the required books will be listed on the Schola Amazon Bookstore. Do not order books until instructed - the bookstore page is being updated. You don't have to actually purchase them through Amazon if you prefer not to, but the required editions listed there must be used.

(uses Old Western Culture: The Greeks)

See the note at the bottom of this page for our new Great Books approach (applies only to GB1)
(uses Old Western Culture: The Romans)
(uses Old Western Culture: Christendom)

One-year course surveying the various genres in which this great Christian author wrote. Click link to see list of works covered.
GREAT BOOKS 4: Early Modern Literature and History
RHETORIC (fall semester - Sept-Dec)
ASTRONOMY (spring semester - Jan-May)

A one-year course for adults who wish to teach school or their children or just study the Great Books for themselves. Covers the Greeks to Early Moderns.

2. How the Tutorials are Conducted:

3. Schola 2017-2018 Calendar

Schola Classical Tutorials follows a standard academic year, early September through early May. Dates are subject to adjustment.

4. Fees -- Please read all of the following carefully. All fees listed are per student per course. If you have any questions, please contact Schola. 

1. Old Western Culture (GB1, 2, and 3): $700 for the complete package through Roman Roads Media which includes all curriculum materials (see above links in weekly schedule chart).

2. GB4, GB for Adults, and C. S. Lewis: $650 (this does not include texts).

3. Rhetoric, Astronomy: $350 (does not include texts)

4. Payment must be made in full at time of registration. However, we can make arrangements for payment by installment if needed; an additional $50 fee will be added.

5. For those for whom the schedule does not work, access to the recordings of the classes may be purchased for half the tuition cost. Contact Schola for more information.

5. Registration - read carefully before registering

Please contact Schola first by email to verify space availability. After availability has been confirmed, go to Roman Roads (follow links in schedule chart above for GB1, 2, and 3) or click the Schola registration page below (for GB4, GB for Adults, Church Fathers, Rhetoric, and Astronomy) to make payments.


6. Other Necessary Information

Schola will contact all registered students with any other necessary details about subscribing to the required email announcement list for students and parents, how to log in to the sessions, familiarization sessions before classes start, preparation for classes, etc. 
Please contact Schola for help with any questions.