Your registration will be complete when you have followed all FOUR steps below. The four steps are 1) confirming availability if you have not already done so, 2) submitting required information in the form below, 3) subscribing to the Bulletin using link below (both the student and a parent, if the student has his/her own email address), and 4) making payment. After you've registered, please email to Schola a recent digital photo of the student and an additional photo of your entire family if possible.

You're going to forget step number 3, aren't you? Don't! :)

1. EMAIL SCHOLA to confirm space availability and to confirm that you may register, if you have not already done so.

2. FILL OUT ALL THE FOLLOWING FIELDS and click the "submit" button to send the requested information to Schola. Adults registering for a class may leave fields 3-5 blank.

Your Name:

Your E-Mail Address:

1. Student's full name:

2. Student's email address:

3. Student's date of birth:

4. Parents' names:

5. Parent's email address (main parent contact):

6. City and state:

7. Phone number (main parent contact - indicate whether home or mobile) :

8. Parents' occupation(s):

9. How (from whom) did you hear about Schola?:

10. Class(es) for which you are registering (if there are more than one section, specify section):

11. Method of payment (PayPal or check) and amount you are paying now:

12. Type "schola" in this box (protection against automated spam):

13. Click the button to submit your information:

3. SUBSCRIBE TO THE "BULLETIN" EMAIL ANNOUNCEMENT LIST in order to receive all important Schola news and announcements. At least one parent and the student must subscribe.

. MAKE PAYMENT using one of the three following methods (whichever you prefer):

1. Square Cash (you need a debit card). Simple and convenient. Please add 3% to whatever amount you're sending (that's what they charge us for every payment).

a. Start an email to 
b. Put <> in the CC: field
c. Put the amount you're sending in the subject line (for example: $100)
d. Mention the purpose of the payment in the body
e. Send email, then follow instructions in followup email

2. PayPal. Please add 3% to whatever amount you're sending (that's what they charge us for every payment). Send payment to

3. You may mail a check for exact amount to

Schola Classical Tutorials
P.O. Box 546
Potlatch ID 83855