Introductory Issue
November 26, 2006


See the welcome note further down. First, important news for Schola people...

SCHOLA STUDENTS, remember that starting tomorrow (Monday, Nov. 27) we will NOT be on NetMeeting (we've ditched it for good!) but we WILL be on WebEx. Read the instructions for WebEX on the old setup page - there are links to it on the Atrium. Remember that WebEx classrooms don't stay open all the time. It's not like NetMeeting. The WebEx classrooms are only open when the teacher is there. So if it's classtime and you don't see the Mr. Callihan classroom in the list, don't panic. I just haven't started it yet. Wait a minute or two, hit refresh and you'll see the classroom once I've got it started.

SCHOLA PARENTS, remember that the balance of fees for this year are due December 1. For further information please visit http://www.scholatutorials.org, click on the Online Tutorials link in the left pane, and then see the Fees section. If you have any questions about your own fee status, email Mrs. Callihan at fees@scholatutorials.org

EVERYONE. welcome to the introductory issue of Scholegium, the newsletter of Schola Classical Tutorials. My grand plans for this newsletter include short essays on books, history, education, or anything else that's been keeping me awake nights. These will be either freshly written or stolen without a qualm from my own past compositions in hopes that no one will notice. I'll also include brief descriptions of the night sky, so you can go out and keep track of the great dance in Deep Heaven. Perhaps a book recommendation or two will be thrown in. But of course there will be news of importance to Schola students and others too. Now, will these grand plans come to pass? Who knows!

Whatever else I do with this newsletter, I'll try very hard to keep it from being burdensome. Your time is valuable and I'll try to make the time spent perusing these issues worthwhile, or at least pleasant.

Wesley Callihan