special announcements issue
March 3, 2007

Dear Friends,

The next issue of Scholegium will be sent soon, but if you need your appetite whetted, here are some items which will be elaborated upon in that issue.

1) The Schola Italy Trip! This is open to all Schola students and their families (and friends), including new students and families registered for fall '07-'08. While I give priority to alumni and older Schola students (because the younger students will have more chances), nevertheless anyone connected with Schola who is interested is welcome to inquire. The dates are May 29-June 11 and the package put together by our travel agent is quite reasonable in price; furthermore, they have created an amazing itinerary including nearly everything you would want to see in Italy! Much more detailed information will be coming in the next Scholegium issue, but if you just can't stand the wait, please feel free to contact me anytime at schola@scholatutorials.org.

2) I will be in the Cleveland, OH, area May 18-19, and the Dayton, OH, area May 20-22. There are so many Schola families and friends in the Cleveland area that I hope to persuade some of them to organize a get-together Friday night the 18th. If I can, I'll have more information about that soon too.