Est. 1997*


Schola Classical Tutorials offers live group tutorials over the internet in the subjects of a classical Christian liberal arts curriculum: the classical languages, the great books of literature and history, and rhetoric. These are the subjects that teach students the skills of thinking and learning, the history of the ideas that have shaped our culture, and the taste for wisdom, beauty, and virtue. These skills, and a knowledge of these ideas, are the foundation for further study and for a lifetime of learning and intelligent participation in our culture.

Schola's tutorials are offered for students who are willing to devote themselves to a course of serious liberal arts study before they enter college or the world of employment and family. Schola's tutorials provide guidance for the self-motivated student who understands that the real work of learning takes place in his own study time with a book, a pencil, and an active mind. Participants in Schola's tutorials, both teacher and pupil, constitute a body of followers of classical education.

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Schola Optima Studium Librorum

"The best school is the study of books."

Schola: 1) An intermission of work, leisure for learning, learned conversation, debate, disputation, lecture, dissertation. 2) A meeting place for teachers and pupils, place for instruction, place of learning, school. 3)The disciples of a teacher, body of followers, school, sect. (--Elementary Latin Dictionary, OUP)

*Schola Classical Tutorials began in the fall of 1997 with full Great Books 1, Latin 1, Logic, and Rhetoric classes, and has run full-time ever since, always offering Great Books (1-4) and Rhetoric, and varying its other offerings - Latin, Greek, Church History, Astronomy, History of the Roman Empire, Anglo-Saxon language and literature, Bible History, Doctrine, and Apologetics. See "Online Tutorials" for current offerings.